Anatoliy Meshkov

Anatoly Petrovich Meshkov was born on February 7, 1937 in the Mogilev region. Patriarch of the Belarusian handball.

Anatoly Meshkov was born in 1937 in Mogilev region. In 1961 he graduated from the natural geography department of the Brest State Pedagogical Institute named after A.S. Pushkin, and in 1963 began work in this institution of higher education as an assistant of the department of physical education. In 1967, Anatoly Petrovich successfully graduated from the Smolensk Institute of Physical Culture, received a second higher education and transferred to the post of senior lecturer.

In the second half of the last century, it was Brest State Pedagogical Institute named after A.S. Pushkin became the cradle of handball in the region, and the first women's team was created in 1963 (Anatoly Meshkov began to train her). A year later, a male team appeared at the university.

Under his leadership, the team of the pedagogical institute (now - Brest State University named after Pushkin) regularly became the winner and prize-winner of student competitions in handball in the republic. In 1986, the youth team of the BSSR, where Anatoly Petrovich served as head coach, took second place among his peers at the championship of the Soviet Union. During the period of teaching Anatoly Meshkov published 39 scientific articles, guidelines and developments on handball, which are of theoretical and practical importance in the preparation of high-class athletes. For many years of coaching and teaching work and a great contribution to the training of Belarusian top-class athletes in August 1993, Anatoly Petrovich Meshkov was awarded the title of Honored Coach of the Republic of Belarus.

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