Statement of HC Meshkov Brest on the situation around the match with MOL-Pick Szeged


In response to the statement made by the management of MOL-Pick Szeged after the Champions League match between our teams, we find it necessary to provide explanations of the events that preceded the game.

In accordance with the requirements of the European Handball Federation HC Meshkov Brest took PCR tests to expose instances of coronavirus on Tuesday, October 20. The results were received the next day.

As required by the rules, the club notified the EHF and the opposing team by e-mail about the test results, including four positive tests, 25,5 hours before the start of the match - according to the rules, the notification must be done latest 24 hours to the start of the match. In addition, the head coach Raul Alonso personally discussed the situation with his Spanish counterpart from the Hungarian side, Juan Carlos Pastor.

There were no positive tests “three days before the match,” as the Hungarian side said in a statement.

Immediately after receiving the test results, we isolated the symptolmess infected players. Moreover, we isolated the goalkeeper Ivan Matskevich, who had a fever, but the test result was negative.

The EHF asked for additional testing of Meshkov Brest players on the match day . On Thursday morning, October 22, our players took a PCR test for COVID-19 again. The results became known four hours before the start of the match. Our club did not insist on playing the game and was ready to accept any decision of the EHF, including the postponement of the game.

However, the test results of all the handball players included in the match roster, and Matskevich´s retest were negative. And the EHF decided to play the match.

Our club commits to strictly fulfill anti-COVID-19 measures and respects the health of players, coaches and staff. The disinfection of all the premises is carried out in the Victoria Sportshal" every week, and additionally on the eve of matches. And the players, coaches and club staff are tested not only as part of the Champions League requirements, but also regularly during the season.

On Monday, four days after the winning match against MOL-Pick Szeged, players, coaches and office staff took a PCR test for COVID-19 again, which delivered a few more positive results of handball players. It was decided to cancel the team training and impose self-isolation on the whole team. Now the sportsmen work individually at home under the remote supervision of the physical training coach and the club doctor.

We regret to learn about the cases of the infection in the Hungarian club and wish all the Pick and other teams participating in the Champions League to stay in good health. Our sportsmen received positive test results after the game vs. "Vive Lomza" and then after the match vs. MOL-Pick Szeged. However, HC Meshkov Brest did not make any allegations against anyone. Handball is a contact sport, and players are not isolated from society where everyone is exposed to COVID-19-related risks.

We believe that at this difficult time for the entire sports community, it is inappropriate to make allegations against anyone. We are sure that both the EHF, that introduced strict anti-COVID rules, and all the Champions League clubs are interested in minimizing the risks of coronavirus infection and are ready to collaborate to achieve the goal.

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