Meshkov Brest - Elverum Handball: press conference


Borge Lund (Elverum Handball):

First of all, congratulations to Meshkov Brest. We’ve made a really good performance against a very strong team. We knew that we needed to play at a high level for all 6o minutes. First 15 minutes were very important. In such games you need a bit of luck to be on your side, unfortunately we didn’t make it at the end. Anyway we are satisfied with how we’ve played tonight and we’ll keep working hard.

Thomas Solstad (Elverum Handball):

Like our coach said, the first 15 minutes were important, we needed to play very compactly, stick to the plan. I think we played well, few things separated teams at the end. I’m proud of our team, we are developing every game.

Raul Alonso (Meshkov Brest):

I want to say good words and respect to Elverum. They are big fighters and play effectively. I’m satisfied with the character that my team has shown tonight. When you are favorites on the paper it’s always difficult. We’ve made mistakes and Elverum made fast breaks, scored easy goals. We were lucky at the end, our captain Pesic has made few great saves and we won this game. I wish our opponents good luck in future games, I’m sure that they will take their points and show good games.

Simon Razgor (Meshkov Brest):

We won - this is the most important thing. We knew it would be difficult. Perhaps someone thought it was an easy match for us. But we knew there would be a nervous match. We started well. Then Elverum changed everything. We knew that we needed to add in the second half. And we were able to do it. We are in good shape now. But we must look ahead.

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